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Archer Season 5 Premiere 'White Elephant' Review

"Archer" returned for its fifth season on FX Monday (Jan. 13) with a complete reboot of what we've known the show to be so far. This new direction, titled "Archer Vice," sees ISIS raided by the FBI because, it turns out, Mallory and her ragtag bunch of spies have been operating illegally all along.

"I lied," Mallory says with a shrug.

Archer's steely-eyed mother keeps them out of prison, but it leaves everyone wondering what they're going to do now for jobs. Fortunately (unfortunately?), they have a ton of cocaine (literally, not figuratively) and now we've got an "Archer" cartel, of sorts.

The episode ends with an absolutely amazing montage of the season to come while "Cherlene," Cheryl's new persona as America's top country music star, sings "Baby Please Don't Go." And just in case you were curious, because we were, the cover of Muddy Waters' famed hit was performed by Jessy Lynn Martens.

Here are the best lines and some GIFs from the episode. RIP Brett.

FBI Agent Holly: "Guys, we talked about this. You're supposed to yell 'FBI' at the beginning, after the flashbangs, but before other fat Mike gets shot."

Cheryl: "I wanna say ... Burt Reynolds?"

Krieger: "Is it murder if they were my own clones? I'm seriously asking."

Krieger: "I'll be your doctor."
Lana: "Well, if I want Hitler's DNA spliced into him, I'll give you a call."
Krieger: "Yeah, I'm around."

Lana: "What, we form a cartel?"
Mallory: "Well, how hard can it be ... "
Lana: "Don't."
Mallory: "... if Mexicans can do it."

GIFs at the source
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