Wally West Lives!

When DC Comics announced that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato were leaving The Flash to go to Detective Comics, they didn't announce who was taking their place.

Robert Venditti and Van Jensen will co-write The Flash with art by Brett Booth starting with The Flash #30 on April 23, 2014. But that's not the biggest part of the news.

Wally West is coming along for the ride.

Wally will be introduced to the DC Comics New 52 in April 30th's The Flash Annual #3.

That announcement was inside a piece on USAToday touting 2014 as a "breakout year" for the Flash. The Barry Allen version of the character will also appear in Justice League: War, the first New 52 animated movie, and will likely be seen on his own TV show on The CW in the fall.

Venditti said that The Flash is easy to relate to because of the primal nature of the character's ability.

"From a very young age, one of the first things you want to be able to do is run fast," the writer says. "You don't want to fly, you don't want to have a ring that makes constructs out of light. It's just a simple, basic thing: 'I want to be able to run fast.'

"It's ingrained in our DNA, and here's a character that lives that out."

Wally West has been a frequent question at comic book conventions since DC Comics rebooted their entire universe and removed him from his place as the "other" Flash, leaving only Barry Allen in the role. Another frequent "Where are they?" character, Stephanie Brown, will also debut in the New 52 this Spring as a main character in the weekly series Batman: Eternal.