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Happy 21st birthday Zayn Malik - here's why he's the best member of One Direction

(The one who looks like they're about to cry is me everytime I see Zayn.)

That chiselled jaw-line, those abs and the eyes which look like they’ve been stolen from a puppy; I admit it, I'm insane about Zayn, says Katy Brent

There are some truly unanswerable questions in life, such as ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Where did we come from?’ and most importantly, ‘Who is the best member of 1D?’

It’s a highly evocative subject that everyone will have an opinion on. But for me, there is a clear and definite answer.

1. He is obviously the best looking. By far!
Yes, Harry has a certain charm and I wouldn’t cross the street to avoid Louis either, but when it comes down to who is the best eye candy, there is only one winner. The Z-Man.

That chiselled jaw-line, those abs and the eyes which look like they’ve been stolen from a puppy (disclaimer – I’m pretty sure no puppies have been hurt in the making of Zayn Malik), sorry but Zayn obviously had VIP access when looks were being handed out while the others were a little further back in the queue.

I am tempted to put something about that’s what makes him beautiful here, but that would be too obvious, right?

2. He has the best tattoos (Now, we all know that's a lie)
1D aren’t scared of a bit of ink, that’s for sure, but Zayn is the only one doing the tattoo thing well. (Nah, that would be Liam.)

While the others’ look like the kind of doodling you’d find on a pad next to the phone (Louis, I’m talking to you here) Zayn’s are proper, some of them are even coloured in. He has a sleeve. Almost. That’s hot.

5. He isn’t scared of a bit of face furniture
I can’t really picture Harry with a beard and I’m not even sure Niall could grow one, but Zayn is often seen sporting a bit of designer stubble. You know what that means? Manly.

It means he would happily wrestle bears and do that catching a spider in a glass thing for you. It also means he would be able to protect you from danger, and that, my friends, is hugely sexy.

He’s also the only one that I’d imagine could hold his own if they came to blows with The Wanted.

So yes, the other boys are all nice enough but I am 100% Team Zayn.

Other 2 reasons at the source
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