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Teen Wolf Newcomer Arden Cho on Mythology, Romance and a Potential Spinoff: "We've Talked About it"

Could Teen Wolf be the next hit series getting the spinoff treatment, following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries?!

"I wanted to do it for awhile. If there was ever, I shouldn't say this because who knows if there would be a chance of it, I wanted to do it as a spinoff, as its own show," executive producer Jeff Davis spilled to E! News back in August about the Kitsune that's introduced this season. "Partly because I wanted to try doing a female character, our version of a Buffy, but the Kitsune myth is just such a good myth."

Tied to that Kitsune myth? Series newcomer Arden Cho's character Kira, who made her debut in the MTV hit's season 3A premiere last week as Beacon Hills High's new student who happens to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things creepy. And was it just us or was our main Alpha making some moon-eyes at Kira?!

We chatted with Cho about what fans can expect to see from Kira this season, including "dark secrets" about her family, a "positive" relationship between Kira and Scott's ex Allison (Crystal Reed) and more. Plus, could a Teen Wolf spinoff actually happen?

We got to see a little bit of Kira in the premiere, so how would you describe her to fans wanting to know more about her?

She's a little quirky. She's got a funky fashion sense. She's a tough girl though, and she's confident. She knows what she wants. She's strong. But at the end of the day she's just a girl looking to make some friends and fit in.

Kira is going to be tied to the new mythology being introduced this season, the Kitsune, right? What are you allowed to say?

Kira is new to Beacon Hills and she moved into town because of her family. but initially Kira, along with the audience, really doesn't know much at all. I think Kira's kind of learning it with the audience, realizing that her family has got some secrets, and you guys will have to watch and see what kind of secrets are unraveled. But it's dark.

Scott seemed immediately interested in Kira, so we're assuming it's safe to say a romance could be happening between the two.

I think it's definitely safe to say there's something going on there in the midst of all the chaos. There's gotta be a little bit of love and romance, right? You've got to make time for that romance and excitement. I think it's really nice that Scott is really welcoming to Kira, being the new girl, and you know she's a little odd. You'll see that. She's a little weird, a little odd, but you know, she's just a nice girl. Maybe a little dorky.

Does this mean there will be some tension between Kira and Allison?

No, I think it's more on the positive side. Kira doesn't really know what really happened, but on Allison and Scott's side, I think they're at a point where they just want the best for each other, and they definitely will share a special love forever, but they both kind of realize, just for now, it might be the best.

When we chatted with Jeff Davis before the season began, he told us that you're a third degree black belt, a skill which will be put to use this season.

I grew up training. Since I was a little girl, my dad was actually grand master, so I studied martial arts growing up, like mostly tae kwon do and karate. I have not actively trained in many many years, but fortunately we work with amazing stunt coordinators and stunt choreographers and stunt department who are just so talented. I'll definitely be doing a little bit of action, for sure. We all get a little bit dirty on Teen Wolf. But I think everyone loves that, right? I have to say that's probably my favorite part of Teen Wolf, the action stuff and that we get like gritty and dirty and we get to really just go for it. It's so much fun.

Jeff also revealed to us he has an idea for a female-centric spinoff about the Kitsune; has he talked to you about that?

Yes, he has. And that would be amazing, but for now I hope that people like Kira on Teen Wolf. But that would be amazing. I really, really appreciate that Jeff has made Kira really strong, and you know, she's cool. She's awesome. But it's cool because she's not like, really confident in the fact that she knows she's strong. It's kind of something she's discovering along the way, kind of like how when Scott initially became a werewolf, he didn't really realize what was happening.

He described it as the show's version of Buffy, who is one of our all-time favorite TV characters.

I love Buffy! I used to dream of being like Buffy when I grew up. I literally feel like every girl wanted to be Buffy at one point in their lives. I want to at least fight crime like Buffy does and looks good while she's doing it.

So we'll see Kira stay in Beacon Hills?

Kira will stick around for a little bit. She's still very new to Beacon Hills, and I think she's still hoping to figure out what's really happening.

Plus, the guys in Beacon Hills are really hot.

Oh, totally. I don't think Kira wants to leave all those sexy werewolves. She's still finding out what's really happening in Beacon Hills. I think one season's not really enough time to figure out what Beacon Hills is all about.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Source: eonline
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