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'Nothing gives you as much back as you put in than the gym': Joe Manganiello reveals his first love is exercising as he graces cover of Bello

To hear Joe Manganiello discussing his extensive workout regime in the January edition of Bello, you'd think he was describing the love of his life.
'There's really nothing else on the planet – nothing that I've come across – that gives you as much back as you put in as the gym does,' the 37-year-old hunk told the magazine.
'There are so many things that are out of your control in this business, and I think in life in general. And one of the things that I really do have in my control is how hard, how much effort I put into the gym.'

However, the True Blood hunk is celebrating his one-year anniversary dating raven-haired model Bridget Peters this month.
Joe suits up in designer duds from Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Ted Baker for a sophisticated spread shot by Aleksandar Tomovic.
It's no wonder the gym is Joe's second home as he has his incredible body, defined pecs, and six-pack abs to thank for launching his career.

'If someone's going to pay me a certain amount of money to do something, then I’m going to work my ass off,' the Spider-Man actor said.
'I think [werewolf Alcide Herveaux] should look that way. As a kid watching all those movies and reading comic books, the chance for me to play a supernatural character...I want him to look right.'
Manganiello maintains his physique with trainer Ron Mathews, who also sculpts the bodies of Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner, Orlando Bloom, Eva Mendes, and Stephen Dorff.

The Carnegie Mellon grad was in Bello promoting his new fitness tome Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Walls and Building the Body You've Always Wanted.
In it, he revealed his struggles with alcoholism, depression, homelessness, and bullying as a scrawny student at St. Bernard School in Pennsylvania.

From FLABtastic to six-pack heaven: Olympic gymnast Louis Smith shows off new toned torso in before and after pictures

‘I'd relaxed out of my regime and really needed to get back in top condition before I could get into training for the Commonwealth Games and so started doing this Tabata system’

Tabata originated in Japan and works under the premise that 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by a ten second recovery, repeated 8 times, gets you fitter than an hour on a bike.
The star claims to have lost half a stone in just three weeks following this rigorous training regime.
He said: ‘The really intense bit is only four minutes of hard work – so it fits in brilliantly with my life.’

Loose lad! Louis appeared on Loose Women to talk about his new fitness regime and healthy eating plan
Appearing on ITV’s Loose Women, Louis told viewers he was back in ‘great shape’ and credited this new routine.
The accomplished athlete, who walked away with a silver medal in the pommel horse final at last year's Olympics, was spotted working out in a central London park earlier this month.
It comes just weeks after unflattering pictures of him showed a visible decline in his fitness levels.

Wearing a grey vest with matching tracksuit bottoms, the Strictly Come Dancing star could be seen completing a number of demanding moves alongside as part of his Tabata training.
He can be seen exercising with personal trainer Lisa Welham - a former Strictly professional dancer.
And clearly the results are starting to show. His impressive physique is already more toned and he has lost weight.

Smith, who once auditioned for the X Factor, was brought up on a council estate near Peterborough by a single mum.
Hairdresser Elaine had helped her son overcome attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a child by channeling his energy into gymnastics.
He went on to become one of the most successful British athletes at the 2012 Olympics.

Cover shot: Matt Damon graced the cover of the January/February issue of Men's Health

The star looked fit in his cover shot in a tight grey V-neck T-shirt as he smiled with his hands on his hips.
Matt also was featured in a black-and-white photo spread that showed him surfing in a wetsuit.
Another photo showed the barefoot movie star in jeans and a T-shirt playing catch with a football.
The Oscar winner invited the magazine's editor Peter Moore to travel with him for a week in India to learn more about the group he co-founded.

The mission of the American nonprofit group is to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to developing countries.
'I had the problem a lot of people in the West have. It didn't make sense to me,' Matt said in the accompanying article.
'All our kids get diarrhea. But the idea that that could be life-threatening ... you've got to get people to understand that it's an issue,' he added.
The star of the first three Bourne action movies recalled how changed the life of a Haitian girl whose family recently gained tap water.

Kellan Lutz works hard to get that Hercules 'pop'
Kellan Lutz, star of the upcoming 'The Legend of Hercules,' talks about his bodybuilding routine.

It's obvious fitness is a big part of your life now, but were you like this as a child?

Yes. I grew up in the Midwest and lived on a farm, and having older siblings, it was a rowdy house. I remember always being outside because I loved the animals. I tried to live like Mowgli from "The Jungle Book." I made up my own fantasy worlds, cut swords out of cardboard boxes, climbed trees, tried to ride my golden retriever.... I lived a pretty fearless childhood.

Did you feel pressure to make your physique live up to a certain ideal for Hercules?

No one ever told me I needed to look a certain way. ... For playing Poseidon in "Immortals," they hired trainers and nutritionists, but for Hercules there was a phone call that I got the part and then we started shooting soon after, so I really had to push myself. The only thing said about my physique was from Renny Harlin, the director, who said because it's 3-D they wanted to be sure my abs popped out.

It sounds like you must have already been in great shape.

I wasn't working out much before that because I didn't know what my next job was going to be, so as soon as I heard I started working out really hard. I was also really careful about what I was eating to stay in top shape. I had my own vision of Hercules from when I was a boy as to what he looked like. But it was more about telling the story we wanted and making some magic.

Once filming began, what kind of training regimen did you engage in?

The movie itself was a workout because they had me killing gladiators every other day. Sword fighting is very much a cardio exercise. Plus, you're swinging heavy pieces of metal, and you do take after take after take. I did a lot of running in the movie as well.... We did bow and spear training; there was a lot of stunt work.

With all that action, were injuries an issue?

Yes. Every action movie I do I get a new scar. One horse bucked me off, then almost landed on me, and I just barely rolled out of the way. And I was like, "Did you get that on camera?"
It's funny that I'd rather ride a horse than go to the gym. I hate doing legs in the gym, and riding a horse is a great leg workout. You're squeezing your legs and using your abs too, and it was a really fun way to exercise. You don't even think about doing it, but afterwards you're sore.