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Madonna and Timor Steffens are not dating

A representative for Madonna has dismissed reports suggesting the pop diva is dating a professional dancer.

Rumours of a new romance made headlines in the U.S. when the Material Girl was spotted attending a New Year’s Eve Party in Switzerland with Dutch dancer Timor Steffens.

However, a rep for the star has since denied the reports, telling Gossip Cop…

“The chemistry between Madonna and Timor was pretty intense,” a “party guest” tells RadarOnline.

The source goes on to say, “Some people at the party were whispering about how Madonna had just broken up with her ex, and now she’s already with a new guy. It’s that kind of crowd. Plus, you can’t really ignore the fact that Timor is SO much younger than Madonna. I mean, he’s basically a replacement for her ex.”

Wow, what a natural-sounding quote.

Tell us more!

“Madonna didn’t give a f*ck that people were whispering!” the RadarOnline source says. “She was really showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place.”

The alleged insider goes on, “Madonna was even hinting to people that one of the reasons she likes Timor so much is because he’s a natural with her children. She isn’t really the type to come out and say something like that, but it was obvious. She had a little smile on her face whenever she watched Timor goofing around with Rocco and the other kids.”

Yeah… this isn’t true.

Madonna’s NOT dating Timor Steffens.

RadarOnline is wrong again.

A rep for Madonna tells Gossip Cop ”it’s all crap.”

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