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Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't want Maria Shriver to leave his ass with half

Despite filing for divorce in July 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 66, and Maria Shriver, 58, have yet to finalize their divorce.
The delay is allegedly due to money.
As reported on Friday by TMZ, the couple - that has no prenuptial agreement - are arguing over their $400m fortune.

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In accordance to California law, Maria is entitled to half of Arnold's earnings during their 25-year marriage, which include paychecks from huge box-office hits like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Kindergarten Cop and True Lies.
While TMZ stated the couple's net worth stand at $400, other sources place the 66-year-old Governator's individual net worth holdings at $300m.
Depending on the final figure Arnold's attorneys provide to the court, Shriver would be entitled to anywhere from $150 to $200m

But even without Arnold's millions, Shriver would still be in good shape thanks to her own fortune, per reports.
According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Emmy-winning member of the Kennedy clan is worth $100m even without the former bodybuilder's riches.
A respected journalist with a Peabody Award to boot, Maria hosted The Shriver Report as well as many other journalistic endeavors.

There is also speculation they are not quite done with the marriage, as an unknown source tells TMZ that the couple have openly admitted to still having feelings for each other.
However, Arnold's reported relationship with physical therapist Heather Milligan appears to be growing more serious, thus debunking reports of a possible reconciliation.
The couple, who originally met in at the Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament in 1977 (but had their first official date in 1982), filed for divorce in July 2011 after Maria found out about Arnold's alleged extramarital affair and lovechild with their maid.


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