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Jay-Z Lets 12-Year-Old Fan Rap Onstage During Concert

'Can I rap for you?' Jay Z gave this youngster the chance of a lifetime when he invited him on-stage at his concert in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday

He's one of the biggest rappers in the world but Jay Z is also a father.

And his paternal side came out at the Greensboro, North Carolina gig of his Magna Carter world tour on Sunday when Jay Z made a 12-year-old fan’s dreams come true by inviting him to rap for the crowd.

After spotting a sign the youngster was holding which read 'Can I rap for you?', Jay granted his wish and the crowd went wild.

Despite his request, the youngster was clearly nervous to begin with, although he quickly overcame it to deliver a verse from Clique.

He quickly won over the stadium full of people and the rapper himself, but stayed away from the more controversial lyrics of the song which include references to 'drug dealing'.

A good natured Jay Z told him, 'Just skip the drug dealing part and go back to the numbers.'

The boy finished to huge applause and cheekily asked if he could meet Jay Z backstage after the show and was thrilled with the positive answer he received.

Although Jay Z dotes on his almost two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, with wife Beyonce, he has previously opened up about his fears that he won’t be a good dad.

Last year he released a video where he chatted with with legendary producer Rick Rubin about Jay-Z Blue, a single about his daughter off his latest album Magna Carta.'[She's] something that we both created,' he said. 'We still marvel at her.'

But growing up in a single-parent household left its scars, said the singer. 'My pop left when I was young, so he didn't teach me to be a man, nor how to raise a child or how to treat a woman,' he said. 'Of course my karma, the two things I need, I don't have. And I have a daughter. It's the paranoia of not being a great dad.'

Jay-Z also mentions being a father in his song Heaven, which he said 'is toying with that idea of it being heaven or hell on earth, no matter what religion you are'.

'For me, my idea is, heaven is in your daughter’s laughter,' he said. 'Hell could be if your child was missing for three minutes, you’re in three minutes of hell.'

'It's just not my belief that a just God would make you burn for eternity for free will that he gave you,' he added.

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also the video at the source wouldn't embed but I found the same one on youtube. The source has more (lq) pictures

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