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‘Story of My Life’ Becomes One Direction’s Biggest Song on US Pop Radio Since WMYB

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One Direction seems to have been on top of the pop music world for quite awhile but despite all their awards, their high charting songs, record breaking sales, and several UK top 5 hits, the boys haven’t had a massive hit on top 40 pop radio in the United States since their debut, “What Makes You Beautiful” in 2012, that is until now, according to Billboard. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U ONLY PROMOTE UR SINGLES ON TWITTER

This week “Story of My Life” becomes One Direction’s first song since WMYB to enter the top 10 on Billboard’s Nielsen BDS-based Pop Songs radio airplay chart. Previously, “What Makes You Beautiful” peaked at #3 in 2012 while their singles since have peaked between numbers 15 and 19 on the chart, which isn’t bad by any means and still pretty darn good compared to others. Those singles included hits like “One Thing,” “Live While We’re Young,” “Kiss You,” and “Best Song Ever,” all of which earned big sales and earned millions of viral hits online. “Story of My Life” comes in at #10 on that chart this week.

So, why has “Story of My Life” been such a big hit on US pop radio for One Direction while most of their previous singles haven’t reached the top 10 on radio airplay? Industry insiders tell Billboard it’s because of the song’s different sound. It sounds mature and grown up and something you wouldn’t expect to hear from One Direction, or any boy band in general.

“It’s a new, more contemporary sound for One Direction,” Sue O’Neil, program director of WKSE Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo, NY told Billboard. “You find yourself singing and liking the song whether or not you normally like the boy-band sound, or even One Direction. It’s a great song.”

WBBM B96 Chicago assistant PD/music director Erik Bradley told Billboard a similar statement saying, “‘Story of My Life’ is the evolution of One Direction. I felt, upon the first listen, that this was a new direction for the group.”

“I hear that growth all over Midnight Memories and I love it,” he added. “It feels like One Direction meets Mumford & Sons; a more mature vibe, but still with that expected killer hook. Some of One Direction’s previous singles appealed only to core fans. ‘Story’ is a major exception.”

Program director Jason Reed of WAEZ Electric 94.9 Johnson City, TN simply said, “The lyrics and production are both simply more mature than One Direction’s previous singles.”

Congrats on another hit, One Direction! Here’s hoping it continues to go higher!

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