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Lost Girl 409 Promo/Stills/Candids + 410-412 Synopses

Lost Girl 4x09 "Destiny's Child": Bo resolves to go to hell and back to get the answers she’s been searching for, with or without her friends' support. Meanwhile, Kenzi's determined to uncover what Trick's hiding. Airs this Sunday, January 12th at 10pm E/P exclusively on Showcase

This promo is also on SpoilerTV if it's blocked in your region.

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Behind the scenes II: @Anna_Silk's POV when she woke up #LostGirl

#LostGirl #BehindTheScenes V: ADR, looking phresh.

Lost Girl Episode 4.10 - "Waves" (Jan. 19, 2014)
With the gang still reeling from Bo's shocking announcement, Kenzi signs them up for an undercover mission at a mysterious corporation. Meanwhile, Bo retraces the steps that may lead to her destiny.

Lost Girl Episode 4.11 - "End of a Line" (Jan. 26, 2014)
Bo narrowly escapes a vengeful Fae's attack; a visit surprises Kenzi; Bo questions feelings for someone she loves.

Lost Girl Episode 4.12  - no title as of yet (TBA - probably Feb. 2, 2014)
Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy foretold by an order of Knights, until advice from a surprising source helps her make a difficult decision.

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Way harsh, Trick.  And please don't ask me what is exactly going on in some of these promo stills, because it totally beats me.  XD
Rachel may be whipping out some more Lost Girl related candids before Sunday, so if you care, you can keep an eye on her Twitter/Instagram.  The Showcase Twitter will probably also be releasing some script snippets later today/in the week, per usual, if they don't get distracted by the Helix premiere tonight.
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