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Broadway productions featuring your favorite Hollywood stars this spring

Every year, it seems that more and more film and TV stars are using their time between shoots to make their Broadway debut, or return to the stage after previous critically acclaimed appearances. Yes, they get to stretch their acting muscles, but the real winner is you, the audience, who get to not only see your favorite stars in the flesh, but also see them in a way you never imagined. Is that studious Michelle Williams vamping it up as Sally Bowles in Cabaret? And Breaking Bad fans won’t want to miss Bryan Cranston’s take on another troubled, but way less dangerous, man when he stars as Lyndon Johnson in All the Way. Here is a rundown of the major stars headed to the Great White Way.
this wayCollapse )

the rest @ newyork

New Yorkers/people planning to visit NY, will you be checking out one or more of these productions? I LOVE A RAISING IN THE SUN (even the P. Diddy version, tbh) so def that and am interested in OF MICE AND MEN, of course.
Tags: broadway / theatre, bryan cranston, denzel washington, james / dave franco, leighton meester, michael c hall, michelle williams, neil patrick harris

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