helyanwe89 (helyanwe89) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Originals 1x10 Elijah/Hayley Webclip


I just can't get onboard with the ship at all. Elijah needs to find himself a love interest that is not pregnant by his brother. Elijah already knows that Klaus is no okay with him and Hayley (he's made that very clear) and believes that Elijah wants to play father to the child (which I totally see as well - so I don't think it's just in his mind). The more Elijah makes googly eyes at Hayley the worse the relationship between Elijah and Klaus is going to get I think. I'm just waiting for Klaus to really blow up over it and kill Hayley.

Hayley really needs to make some sort of attempt to go and try to talk to Klaus. They're having a baby together yet we've never seen her make any attempt to actually talk to him about it. She should be doing that instead of flirting with his brother.
Tags: television - cw

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