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10 (5) Celebrity Business Flops

Flav's Fried Chicken (Flavor Flav)
In an attempt to compete with established chains like KFC and Popeyes, rapper and reality TV star William Jonathan Drayton Jr., better known as Flavor Flav, opened Flav's Fried Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, in January 2011. Three months later, the restaurant closed a series of disputes between Flav and his co-founder. Flav took one more stab at the fried-chicken business with solo-owned franchises in Las Vegas and Sterling Heights, Mich., but those, too, were quickly shut down.

The Kardashian Kard (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian)
The Kardashians are known for a lot of things, but success in the credit card business isn't one of them. In late 2010, the three famous Kardashian sisters launched a glitzy-looking prepaid debit card geared toward "financially unsophisticated" young adults. After complaints about exorbitant and legally questionable fees, the Kardashian Kard got the ax less than a month after it debuted.

Nyla (Britney Spears)
Before she became a mother, shaved her head, had a public meltdown and made an impressive recent comeback, Britney Spears tried to expand upon her music career by opening a restaurant. At age 21 in 2002, the singer attempted to bring Cajun flavors to Manhattan with Nyla, named after the state abbreviations for New York and Louisiana. The restaurant experienced high staff turnover, health-code violations and other bad publicity that not even its menu overhaul could remedy, and it closed in less than six months.

Pastelle Clothing (Kanye West)
It's a good thing Kanye West has his music, because apparently, he's worthless to the fashion industry. West had long been discussing plans to start his own clothing line, and in 2009, it finally looked like he'd done it. Photos of Pastelle fashions were online for two days before the announcement came that the line would not be launching.

Te Casan vegan-friendly footwear (Natalie Portman)
Natalie Portman's love of animals is so strong that she only wears clothing and shoes that aren't made using animal byproducts. To further demonstrate her support for animal rights, the actress partnered with designer Te Casan in 2008 to create a line of vegan-friendly shoes. Later that year, the parent company folded due to failing sales, leaving Portman without a partner in her footwear venture.

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