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Taylor Kinney visits Washington Boro family / Chicago Fire Post


Fifteen-year-old Ian Swarr loves all things firefighting. So on Friday, when Ian had a special visitor who plays a firefighter on TV, he was pretty excited.
Lancaster Mennonite High School graduate Taylor Kinney, now a star on NBC's hit TV show, "Chicago Fire," stopped by the Swarr family's Washington Boro home to visit with Ian.

Ian, who suffers from epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin disorder which causes his skin to blister, is also battling stage four liver failure and is too high-risk for a liver transplant, according to his mom, Delicia Swarr-Bolin. Swarr-Bolin said Ian is in stable condition and has been quiet in recent months.But when he learned that a star from the TV show he watches was coming to visit him, "His eyes were just huge," and he would not stop smiling and talking about it, Swarr-Bolin said.

The visit was set up by family friends who know Kinney, Swarr-Bolin explained."When he came in, he was just an every day guy," Swarr-Bolin said. "He came in and introduced himself and sat down on the couch like we knew him forever. It was just such an awesome time and I don't think any of us have stopped smiling." Ian called the experience "awesome" and said he asked Kinney how the show is made. "It was cool," Ian said. "He's a pretty good guy and it was really fun to see him come to my house."

Kinney brought an NBC "Chicago Fire" draw string bag for Ian and signed a couple of fire helmets from Ian's collection. Swarr-Bolin said Kinney mentioned he would also be sending "a box of late Christmas presents." "This was something absolutely so special for him and something our family can always remember," Swarr-Bolin said.


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- I love him scruffy
- Half of me wants Gabby to make it and the other half hopes her and Shay are together again soon because that new chick is a mess

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