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Has Cara Delevingne been Photoshopped in La Perla underwear campaign?


British model appears to have added curves as well some help in the cleavage department in lingerie brand’s SS14 campaign pictures.

She’s the model-of-the-moment with designers including Burberry and Louis Vuitton clamouring for her to walk their runways.

But Brit supermodel Cara Delevingne hasn’t escaped the Photoshop wand, as she appears to have been digitally altered for her La Perla underwear campaign.


The 21-year-old star seems to have had her body airbrushed for the lingerie brand’s SS14 campaign imagery.

Cara looks curvier than usual with her petite frame enhanced in both the waist and chest department.

The former face of DKNY appears to have gone up a cup size in the campaign images – looking bustier than she did in a bikini on holiday over Christmas.

The model’s tattoos – notably the ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ etching underneath her breasts – have been removed to reveal flawless skin.

Harry Styles’ former flame has also had layers of fake tan added to make her look naturally bronzed in the pics.

Considering Cara was hired to show off her body, it doesn’t make any sense to alter her to the point of it not looking like her own body any more.

We reckon she looks beautiful the way she is – and doesn’t need Photoshop to look amazing in her undies.

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