X-Men star Hugh Jackman stuns fans by sporting a mullet on set for latest film

It may be the ultimate sin in male hair-styling, but Hugh Jackman seems to have delighted his fans by getting a mullet.

The X-Men heart-throb, 45, showed off his new cut to fans online – prompting unexpectedly positive remarks.

‘Day 1 on Chappie! Vincent is born, rocking the mullet. Working with Neill Blomkamp in SA. This film is rad,’ he said on Instagram, showing a picture of himself with the short front, long back hair-style that was famous in the 80s.

‘Only you could make that look good,’ commented one approving fan.

Another added: ‘Hugh Jackman = business at the front, party at the back.’

The normally well-groomed star is currently in South Africa filming the sci-fi action adventure Chappie – directed by the critically-acclaimed Neill Blomkamp – about a robot who is adopted into a dysfunctional family.

In May, Jackman will also reprise his most famous role as Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The more I hear of this movie the more crazier it gets, and I can't wait.
So ONTD, any crazy hairdos actors had to put up with in movies that were memorable to you?