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Nicola Roberts is working on a new album (with the same producer as Kylie)

Nicola Roberts is working on a new album for 2014. The former Girls Aloud star will partner with record producer Fred Ball for the new album. Ball who is also a songwriter has collaborated with Little Mix and KT Tunstall.

This will be the second album from Roberts, following the 2011 release of her debut solo album Cinderella's Eyes. She also penned some songs for the Little Mix album Salute.

The news was confirmed in a blurb on the artists section of Ball’s management company, Roc Nation:

“His latest work will be featured in the 2014 album releases of Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, Daley, Bernhoft, Nicola Roberts, Samsaya, Medina and Roc Nation’s latest signee, Mayaeni.”

Minogue will be seen on UK screens this weekend, making her debut as a judge on the BBC show The Voice. She is also under the Rocnation label and will be releasing her twelfth studio album this year. The forthcoming album will feature collaborations with Sia, Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z.

New Kylie, Nicola, and Little Mix albums? What kind of holy pop trinity?

sources: 1 & 2
Tags: girls aloud, kylie / dannii minogue, little mix

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