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Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus Is In The Drunk Tank, Gives Zero Fucks

On the conclusion to the winter cliffhanger, multiple enemies converge on the PoI team as they protect a dying man with a connection to Finch’s past

“Aletheia” – Multiple enemies converge on the POI team as they protect a dying man with a connection to Finch’s past whose number has come up. They struggle to keep their enemies at bay without Reese, who has left the team and their mission behind following the tragic war with HR. However, being down one man could have catastrophic repercussions for the team, on Person of Interest, Tuesday, Jan. 7 (10:01 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest Stars include Camryn Manheim (classic PoI reveal btw), Saul Rubinek (such a great role for him) and Boris McGiver (aka creepy Hersch, and I think we’ll be seeing more of him from now on).

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lol. Srsly tho poor Batman Jesus is still devastated and can’t find it in him to give two shits about anything other than Carter’s death. I’m perversely happy to see that.

Promo Pics:








Also, here’s a fun video CBS put together as part of the promotion for Josh Holloway’s new show Intelligence which premiers tonight (at 9, right before PoI). It includes intercut footage from PoI (Memerson), Hawaii Five-0 (DDK, TOQ and Jorge Garcia) and the aforementioned Intelligence:

I sure miss Lost but to this day I have not rewatched a single episode, not since the finale aired. Not once. Sigh. I’m just thankfull Person of Interest exists and we can all still enjoy Memerson on a weekly basis (and on a great show, no less). He’s the one I would have missed the most. Also, apparently Josh Holloway turned down PoI way back when. Which. I mean. I am thanking my lucky stars. And picturing Reese saying ~survivin'~.

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