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NBC Orders Craig Robinson Comedy Pilot To 6-Episode Series (Amandla Stenberg, Larenz Tate Co-star)

Last May, when NBC released its official 2013/2014 schedule lineup, it looked like Craig Robinson's comedy series, from creators of The Office, was dead, because it wasn't on the list.

Skip ahead to July, to news that the series actually could see the light of day, as NBC had reportedly ordered 3 additional scripts for the untitled series, and extended its options on the entire cast, which includes Amandla Stenberg and Larenz Tate.

Skip ahead, finally, to today, to news that NBC has taking another leap forward, and ordered 6 episodes of the series, which is now titled Mr. Robinson.

First announced as a possibility in the fall of 2012, NBC gave a pilot order to a new comedy series from The Office executive producer Greg Daniels, penned by Owen Ellickson (supervising producer for The Office), and starring funnyman/actor Craig Robinson.

The project was to follow a talented musician (played by Robinson) with rough edges, who adjusts to his new life as a music teacher in a big-city middle school, where he encounters teacher politics and the temptations of single moms. Tate was to play Craig's character's brother and partner in the duo's band called The Filthy Gentleman, further described as a charismatic lady-killer who has never held a regular job, thanks to his musical talents, and who thinks Craig's dedication to his students is a waste of time. Stenberg was to play a spunky, fearless and smart 8th grader, desperate to learn to sing despite the fact that she can't, with Craig's character reluctant to teach her.

The series plot and cast roles remain the same.

The lead role in a comedy series on a major network should be a good look for Robinson, and I'm sure he's thrilled that NBC finally pulled the trigger.

No ETA yet however, although I'd look for it on NBC's scheduled for the 2014/2015 season.

Tags: black celebrities, pilot / in development, television - nbc, the hunger games

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