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Gaming Moments That Had Players Starting The Waterworks : An ONTD Original

Most people play video games for entertainment escapism from the real world but let's face it , we all get emotionally attached at some point and at times we laugh , cry , and even fist pump .

With a combination of great characters , graphics , and fitting background music some moments and gaming can really choke you up.

Let's take a look at some great moments in gaming that made players incredibly emotional .

Midna's Departure

Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess

It is very important for people realize the roles that women play in the Legend of Zelda series considering how Link has to rely on them on his quest . Midna and Link built a great relationship as the game progressed , her actions in the ending scene could be considered a great act of love because she obviously cared about Link.

Riku stays behind / Sora and Kairi part ways

Kingdom Hearts

Between Mickey's speech and Riku smiling at Sora as they close the gate , our hearts were aching … but wait there is more :X when Sora and Kairi part ways and then " Simple and Clean " hits , the deal was sealed and that was it. Don't act like you wasn't sobbing on your PS2 controller. A beautiful mix of Square Enix greatness and Disney magic , about a decade later this franchise is still close to our hearts .

Cremia and Romani on the final day

Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask

Cremia suddenly acknowledges her younger sister Romani as an adult due to the fact that the world is most likely going to end . Romani is unaware of the fate that awaits them which makes the whole situation really sad , but at least we get to see sisterly love and they live through it all :D

Farewell to Sue


Sue is with Justin at the start of his Adventure but midway through the game she falls tired and has to head back home. Justin takes notice of Sue trying very hard to hold back her emotions as she bids farewell to Justin and Feena but Feena encourages her to let it all out. Poor thing breaks down because feels like she lets them down but Feena and Justin comfort and thank her . Farewell scenes are the worst :(

Zack Fair's Death

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core

Anyone who played Final Fantasy VII prior to this game knew Zack's fate , but damn … damn damn ….
This scene was so well animated too , and it explains so much that it makes you wanna go back and play FFVII and have a much better experience. It's so painful to watch but it was good to finally get to know about Zack's background and who he was. ( AND ALL I COULD SEE WAS JASON FROM GENERAL HOSPITAL CRYING WHEN I SAW CLOUD ALL SAD LIKE THAT LOL )

Sephiroth Kills Aeris

Final Fantasy VII

Welp ! Gamers in the Clinton Years didn't see this one coming at all …. sorry to bring back memories you guys.

The Adventure Begins / End Credits

Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island

This one is not a sad scene but it's more of a cute one . Baby Mario falls from the sky and Yoshi understands where he needs to go so that he can find Baby Luigi. The babies are reunited in the end and heroes are born.

DLN.000 Proto Man

Mega Man 3

After battling the mysterious robot throughout the game who at one point goes by the name " Break Man " he rescues Mega Man and brings him back to Dr. Light's lab . The mysterious dude in shades leaves nothing but his trademark whistle which the doctor recognizes . As Mega Man runs through the grass trying to track down the whistle , we learned that Dr. Light built the original 6 robots as well as Proto Man who was his first creation and brother to Mega Man who was presumably testing and watching over his little brother.

Zero's Death

Mega Man X

After X has trouble in his battle with Vile , Zero breaks out of his trap and attacks the enemy but suffers in the long run. X defeats Vile , but unfortunately Zero's life is fading . Zero uses his final moments to let X know that he believes in him. It was implied in this game's ending that Zero would never return which really made people sad , but he's still around thank goodness.

Steve Burnside's Death

Resident Evil : Code Veronica

Unlike when Ada fell down in Resident Evil 2 ( Sorry but that was just funny , not because she fell to her death ( ? ) but because of the bad voice acting and the way Leon punched the ground lol ) this was actually really sad . Steve just couldn't win , his father went crazy and then this shit happens . Many ships were sunken , thanks a lot Capcom.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending

Kingdom Hearts 2

We get to learn more about Sora and Riku as they open up to each other and build a stronger relationship. They reach the door to the light together and share a warm reunion with the third musketeer Kairi as well as Mickey , Donald , and Goofy. Not all emotional moments in video games are sad ones and this moment right here is an example of that because it made you feel validated not just as a player but a gamer overall .

Hylia Reveales Herself

Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword

Once again we are informed of the great roles female play in this in this franchise . The entire scene speaks for itself and seeing the silent hero Link react that way tore many hearts into pieces and it shows how much Zelda means to this franchise and that she's not a negative female character .

Final Fantasy X Ending

Final Fantasy X

Source : Youtube + Many years of gaming

* Passes out Kleenex * it's okay guys you are amongst friends !!
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