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Dr. Luke "Constantly Berated Ke$ha to Lose Weight" and Said She Looked Like a "F**king Refrigerator"

A shocking new report claims that Ke$ha’s very own music producer is the person who drove her into rehab — and now a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that the man is notorious for mistreating his artists. Dr. Luke has a long history of success in the music business — producing songs for Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Clarkson — but his integrity is being called into question after a new report claimed that Ke$ha is blaming her eating disorder and subsequent trip to rehab on him.

While the two were working together, Dr. Luke reportedly constantly berated Ke$ha for being overweight according to TMZ. After the singer’s 2011 “Get Sleazy” tour ended, Luke allegedly ragged on her for gaining weight during her down time, and things apparently got even more vindictive from there.

Ke$ha has reportedly revealed to friends that during a 2012 music video shoot, Luke told her she looked like “a f**king refrigerator,” and was urging her management team to do something about her weight.

Obviously those kind of personal attacks could deeply affect anyone — and Ke$ha was not immune to them. On Jan. 3, the singer checked into a Chicago area treatment center for an eating disorder.


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