'Interior. Leather Bar.' Reviews Are In: How Did James Franco Do?

Remember that time gay icon James Franco made a movie about S&M and gay sex? Now it's time to see it!

"Interior. Leather Bar." had its premiere in the New Frontiers program at the Sundance Film Festival last January, and now, a year later, the film debuts in select theaters.

Franco co-stars as himself in the documentary-style movie, in which he attempts to recreate 40 minutes of ultra-explicit footage deleted from 1980's "Cruising," a psychological thriller starring Al Pacino. It's about filmmaking as a creative process, the experience of an actor and, yes, the depiction of hardcore gay sex.

In case anyone got beyond the words "James Franco" and "gay sex" and still needs to know more before rushing out to buy a ticket to the Franco-directed flick (co-directed and written by Travis Mathews), MTV News has a roundup of the reviews to gauge how Franco's project was received.

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