Bethenny Frankel's New Boyfriend: I Am Not A Rapist.

Bethenny Frankel enjoys a Miami Beach vacation with her new boyfriend Michael Cerussi, who was accused of rape while a student at Union College, though no official charges were ever filed.

Cerussi filed a lawsuit in 2001 against Union College and the alleged victim, after he was expelled from the school in 2000 after a female student he partied with accused him and a fellow fraternity brother of having sex with her against her will. Cerussi insists the sex was consensual. The case dragged out for two years, before a settlement was reached and the case was voluntarily dismissed. According to one of Cerussi’s former lawyers, the school agreed to reverse the expulsion and reinstate him as part of the settlement, though Cerussi never returned to UC.

Cerussi, 34, who works in finance is nine years younger than Frankel. He lived at home with his parents in Riverside, CT., while the hearings went on. After pictures of Frankel and Cerussi emerged after New Year’s Eve Frankel got her hired guns on the case, with her publicist making the rounds of calls on Cerussi’s behalf, a source tells us. The duo knew press was sniffing around about the lawsuit, in which Cerussi insisted the girl's claims were false and that the school had no right to expel him.