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Keep warm in the winter storm with these ONTD Boyfriends

Good news for the fans of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World or hold outs waiting to catch the film in Red Box: the movie is scheduled for a Blu-Ray DVD release on February 25, 2014.

The film will feature a series of mouth watering extras including the standard gag reel, deleted scenes and audio commentary. However, it’s the recently announced, super-secret short film that will be included in the release - titled All Hail The King - that has fans most excited.

The end of The Dark World had Loki, who is presumed to be dead, replacing Odin on the Throne of Asgard. Fangirls are hoping that the new short will feature Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston is an obvious fan favorite, recently winning E! Online’s Best Celebrity of 2013 as well as MTV’s Sexiest man Alive 2013.

The underwear brand Bread & Boxers has chosen ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist as its new spokesman. The NHL goaltender, who was named one of "The 25 Most Stylish Men" by GQ in 2013, will model in their upcoming underwear campaign:

"I always wanted to be involved in building a brand, but the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself until now,' Lundqvist told WWD. "The line is beautiful and comfortable — essential, really — which is what attracted me to Bread & Boxers. I wore the products and loved them. It’s that simple. [It's] styled with a clean, Swedish aesthetic, so the pieces are perfect for me whether I’m traveling city-to-city for hockey, or just enjoying my time in New York City. Sport and style are both important aspects of my lifestyle.”

Lundqivst joins the ever-expanding ranks of athletes turned models, such as David Beckham, Rafael Nadal, or Cristiano Ronaldo. We'd like to play for that team, too!

The full campaign will be revealed next week at Madison Square Garden, in New York. Mark your calendars.

Eric Bana goes shirtless while enjoying a day at the beach with his family in Melbourne, Australia.

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How are you handling Winter Storm Hercules?
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