Beyonce’s Fans Viciously Attack TLC’s Chilli Over Presumed Diss

When it comes to Beyonce’s fans, they don’t play. TLC member Chilli found that out the hard way. When the veteran R&B singer co-signed a fan’s Twitter list of “sayings” that should end in 2013, which included mentions of “Queen B” or “Bey,” Beyonce’s fans went on the attack.

The Beyhive quickly swarmed on Chilli’s timeline and viciously dragged her with a number of unflattering mentions and even stingy tweets aimed at her 17-year-old son, Tron. Now that’s foul.

While we don’t condone attacks on her son, some of the tweets had us giggling. Having said that, we don’t approve of bullying in the Twitter-verse.

Chilli eventually tweeted that she wasn’t throwing shots at Beyonce, but she mysteriously deleted the tweet.

That didn’t stop the Beyhive invasion. We rounded up some of the angry tweets below: