ONTD Original: Music Videos that Turn 10 Years Old in 2014

1. Gwen Stefani-- What You Waiting For?

This music video was Gwen's debut as a solo act outside of No Doubt-- and left an impression musically and visually about what we'd later see from her.

2. Evanescence-- My Immortal

Every teenage girl who wore rubber bracelets knew this song by heart and this video shot, in black and white, seemed to be on anytime you were surfing the channels late at night.

3. Britney Spears-- Toxic

One of Britney's most iconic videos-- gave us the infamous naked, bejeweled Britney shot.

4. The Killers-- Mr. Brightside

The Killers breakthrough video that introduced a new generation to guy-liner.

5. Maroon 5-- She Will Be Loved

See Adam Levine get down with an older women-- nobody saw that coming.

6. Kelly Clarkson-- Breakaway

In this video, get flashbacks to childhood trauma and see Kelly Clarkson attend the premiere of The Princess Diaries 2-- which gives us bonus footage from that awful sequel.

7. Black Eyed Peas-- Let's Get It Started

We see Fergie & the gang dance and sing on the street-- and also get a shot of a cool slider phone!

8. Snoop Dogg-- Drop It Like It's Hot

Pretty simple video for a pretty simple song-- shot in black and white. Snoop, Pharrell, shots of cars, dogs, money, and girls.

9. Modest Mouse-- Float On

A video that sticks out visually, with the cut-out/pop-out/collaged effects.... and lots of sheep.

10. Ciara-- Goodies

Just Ciara singing bout her goodies in her neighborhood with the children.

What music videos do you remember from 2004?

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