Lady Gaga's Ex Threatens Lawsuit Over Bad Guy Portrayal In New Book

Mother Monster's former beau is not a happy camper. Lady Gaga's ex Lüc Carl claims that he is being made out to be the "bad guy" in a new book and is threatening to sue the writer, the singer's longtime friend Brendan Jay Sullivan and publisher HarperCollins.

Page Six reports:
We’re told that Carl, a heavy-metal drummer, was unhappy with the depiction of him in the book "Rivington Was Ours" and fired off legal letters to HarperCollins and Sullivan.

The book includes details from Gaga’s early career, including how she swapped her “thick, dark, raven-haired Italian mane” for a bad blond dye job to impress her “inattentive and possessive” boyfriend Carl.

Sullivan, a DJ, described Carl — who had a tumultuous relationship with Gaga before they broke up in 2008 after three years — as a negative influence on Gaga, dictating whom she could talk to and where she could work while himself being “distracted by a small coterie of drunk girls.”

Carl has admitted to being less-than-stellar boyfriend material in the past but Sullivan claims that he truly was a villain in Gaga's story.

"Gaga told me herself that Lüc told her early in her career, ‘I hope you fail,’ and that gave her the fire she needed at the time to fight for her dreams," Sullivan told Page Six. "Lüc wasn’t happy that I made him the villain of the piece. HarperCollins got a letter from him, he is threatening me and HarperCollins with a lawsuit.”