Jennifer Lynn López update: acting accolades, relationship troubles, more music news!

Golden Globe Nominee and ALMA Award Winning actress Jennifer López receives another (non-deserving) Razzie nomination for her performance in Parker. Despite receiving raves for her performance said film, López is one of two pop stars nominated to receive one of the Golden Raspberries for female actors. Lady Gaga and López are nominated for Worst Actress. Lindsay Lohan and Selena Gomez are nominated for Worst Supporting Actress.

Trouble in Paradise? A sources say that Jennifer and Casper Smart, 26, “fight over the fact that Casper feels entitled when he shouldn’t. He forgets that and that's when their fights breakout...She doesn’t want him to forget that he came into the relationship with nothing and he’ll leave with nothing as well...He started to become accustomed to the way she lived and got very comfortable with the celebrity lifestyle.”
To make matters worse, Lopez may have her lustful eyes on her new co-star Ryan Guzman.

According to an insider, the film’s steamy sex scenes are too much for Smart’s jealous side to take. Now, it seems that Casper has given up fighting for the star's attention, as her focus has shifted towards Guzman.

And finally, sexier than your faves Puerto Rican Ricky Martin finally sets a release date for his collaboration with the fellow Puerto Rican Diva Jennifer López and reggeaton artist Wisin, of the now-deminished duo Wisin & Yandel. Here's what Ricky told Latina:

L: You’re collaborating and singing a song for the World Cup FIFA soundtrack and there’s a contest involved. Are you judging the contest?

RM: I wouldn’t say I’m judging the contest, although I’m choosing the song with Sony Music and FIFA. It’s a really cool concept because it doesn’t matter where you’re from -- you can be from Indonesia, Korea, South Africa -- and you can write the official song of the official album of the World Cup. I’m releasing a song with Jennifer Lopez and Wisin now. Right before the World Cup, we’re doing a little TV special on it. We'll be doing a reality thing where we go into the studio, we record, we write the song, we go to the country of the person who has started writing the [World Cup] song and we take them to Brazil. It’s a whole production.

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