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Jennifer Lopez Readies New Single "Same Girl", Shoots Music Video In The Bronx

J.Lo is back on the block! In the last two years, Jennifer Lopez has been abducted by the EDM beats, leaving her "urban" self in the past. Scoring major global hit like "On The Floor" made Jennifer think EDM was going to be her style of choice for the many years to come. Later “Dance Again” and “Live It Up” followed, all RedOne-produced and Pitbull-assisted EDM singles. Although “Dance Again” wasn't a flop, it did not match the success of “On The Floor" (disenchantment with J.Lo's new music style began to be noticeable), and “Live It Up” did tank on the charts.

Now in late 2013, Jennifer Lopez surprises everyone again (and it’s good news). She’s ditching the EDM sound and going back to her “urban” roots. Jenny from the Block is back. She hit the studio earlier this year with Chris Brown and Cory Rooney, and only yesterday (December 28th) it was revealed the song they recorded (and wrote together) is called “Same Girl” and that she has shot a music video for it. On Saturday afternoon, J.Lo and crew hit up chilly The Bronx to film the visual for "Same Girl" with directors Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold. Take a look at photos and footage from the set, and you’ll get “Jenny from the Block” vibes straight away.

Wearing jeans, a black quilted jacket, and a Yankees cap, a casual Jennifer and her female squad shot scenes at a public basketball court. Fans, and onlookers gathered around Jennifer's film crew and helped the mother-of-two providing some shout-y adlibs during the chorus (the director said he'll include these on the final edit of the video).

Is “Same Girl” the official lead single from Jennifer Lopez’ upcoming new studio album?. Well, the song (you can listen to some of it in the clips below) is reminiscing to something that could be on her “This Is Me... Then” / “Rebirth” LPs.

So you get the idea, “Same Girl” isn’t as good as “All I Have”, but sounds better than “Hold You Down". My theory is that “Same Girl” is a just a buzz single to precede the launch of the real, official first single. “American Idol” Season 13 is premiering in January 2014, so I would say wait until mid-February for the “real first single” to premiere, which J.Lo will definitely perform when the “Idol” live shows kick off in late February, early March. As for “Same Girl”, sources report Jennifer intends to put this record out “within two weeks".

Excited to hear "Same Girl"?


The guy in that red hat is my brother tbh
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