Fittest Celebs of 2013


You see them on silver screens everywhere, but it's what these big names do when they're not on set that make them A-listers in our book. These actresses never fail to show up to yoga class, strap on running shoes for a quick jog, or spend more time surfing and swimming than sunning on the beach. Read on for our A-list of the fittest actresses of 2013!


There are many good reasons why Jessica Biel constantly takes our fittest female crown. There's her 2010 hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, her fit-and-fun lifestyle (including biking around town with Justin Timberlake), and her enviably toned physique. In 2012, Jessica kicked butt yet again with Total Recall, which she prepared for with martial arts classes. This year, she kept up her routine, which includes circuit training and lots of yoga. With all that on her fitness plate, it's no wonder Mrs. Timberlake is always the fit celeb we can't get enough of!


Jennifer's been rocking her yoga-toned body for a while now, but 2013 was the year she bared it all on screen, playing a stripper in the film We're the Millers. To prepare for the role, Jennifer — who also runs every day — strengthened her core with trainer Mandy Ingber's yoga moves.


Former ballerina Zoe Saldana stays strong and lean by mixing up her workouts — while she's a devotee of Pilates, she works out with a trainer to keep her motivated and not bored. Zoe also avoids extreme diets, taking a more balanced view when it comes to healthy living. "You can't forget that you only live once — you have to enjoy the pleasures of life, and you also have to enjoy the work in life," she told O, The Oprah Magazine. "That means that if you like to eat, then work out, be healthy. Keep that heart strong and healthy!"


When watching Jennifer Lopez on stage, it's easy to see why she has such an enviable figure: her high-energy performances, no doubt, keep her in shape! But it's her dedication to the rest of the puzzle that keeps her glowing and on the go. Jennifer practices portion control; stays away from sugar, alcohol, and salt; and makes sure to get eight hours of sleep a night in order to continue looking her best. She is also a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson Method.


What's Gwyneth's secret to her year-round bikini-ready body? Longtime trainer Tracy Anderson, of course. This year, the trainer spoke out about how she previously transformed Gwyneth's "long" butt and "outer thigh problems" with her signature moves. Years later, Gwyneth's not shy about showcasing her results!


It's impossible to ignore the handsome men who graced our screens this year with their fit and chiseled bodies. Each of the talented performers on this list has made fitness a priority in 2013 — and has the results to prove it!


Funny man and star of Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt made a big commitment to fitness in 2013. Even though it's not his style, he posted an Instagram photo showing off what his hard work at the gym — and what giving up beer for six months — did for his physique.


Chris Hemsworth admitted to Men's Fitness that "getting into superhero shape [for Thor 2] was hard work." According to Chris, a lot of his training included kettlebell workouts, which he hadn't been exposed to before.


Idris Elba has had a huge year with his roles in Pacific Rim, Thor: The Dark World, and Mandela, but this fit, handsome actor does his best to fit in a workout whenever he can. He's a big fan of kickboxing and always starts the day with a breakfast with the right blend of carbs and protein to fuel his body.


Former Lost star Daniel Dae Kim continues to show off his beach bod in the series Hawaii Five-O. To stay in shape, he hits the gym hard but also "enjoys tennis, swimming, and hiking" at his home in Hawaii.


For his starring role in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill trained hard with trainer Mark Twight five or six days a week for two hours. His trainer joked the "well-kept" secret to Henry's success was "commitment and self-discipline."

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