The 10 (5) Instances of Open and Unapologetic Celebrity Culutral Appropriation of 2013

People of color are constantly bombarded with acts of cultural appropriation. Thanks to Halloween, outdoor musical festivals, and the college Greek system having access to social media, and rich and ignorant celebrities, 2013 had to be cultural appropriation’s most visible year yet! So, to those who attempt to add an entire race’s marginalized dress, dance or religious adornments to their own personal walk-in closets for the sake of ‘fashion’ and more importantly, to all the people of color/allies who haven’t been able to enjoy a moment’s peace on Facebook or YouTube this year without having to shout ‘REALLY?!” at your computer screens (be sure you have a pillow to scream into handy), I bring you my Top Ten Instances of Open and Unapologetic Celebrity Cultural Appropriation in 2013!

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What celebrity cultural appropriations stood out most in your mind this year ONTD?