"I Am Britney Jean" Review: Britney Spears Is Back & Better Than Ever

Oops, Britney has wow’d us again! ‘I Am Britney Jean’ showed an intimate side of the singer that we’ve never seen before — from her intense dance rehearsals to her adorable family life!

With Britney Spears set to kick off her Las Vegas residency in just five days, the Dec. 27 special was an absolutely perfect way to get us excited. In I Am Britney Jean, we saw just how hard working the pop star is, the amazing team she has behind her, and how she balances planning a three-year residency, promoting a new album, being a loving mother, and a girlfriend.

Britney, 32, began rehearsing for her Vegas residency, Britney: Piece of Me on Dec. 10, and lucky for us she recorded it all — yes, 17 extremely intense days. The documentary on E! gave us a look at how a residency is put together, and Britney isn’t only performing it, but also producing and co-directing the event

It was really special to see the behind-the-scenes meetings that decided every detail of her residency — from what songs she would be putting on and what the stage would be set up like, to what costumes she and the dancers would wear. And in the short amount of time she had to set up, she also was doing tons of other things like filming the sexy music video for “Work Bitch.”

“I love sex, I think sex is great!” she admitted while we saw the super sexy footage. “But I feel a little different about it now that I’m older. sometimes I feel like I’m like 20, and sometimes I feel like I’m 50.”

The most intense parts of the documentary was seeing Brit in the studio really working hard on a new dance routine. During the studio time, Brit showed off her amazingly cut body (seriously though, that stomach!), and that it definitely wasn’t easy to get. Basically, she did some work, bitch.

In addition to the rehearsals, we also got a glimpse of the personal side of Britney — from her spending time with her sons, Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden James, 7, to her adorable relationship with her parents.

She brought her kids and boyfriend, David Lucado to a family Thanksgiving dinner with her parents, which showed a precious, intimate side we ‘re not used to seeing. We even got to see Jayden playing the piano! Later on, the kids even went to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino to proudly watch their mama perform!

Besides the relationship with her kids, we also got to see the bond between Britney and her father. When filming the ”Perfume” music video, she had to kiss a guy and was too embarrassed to do it with her dad there — she made him leave the set! She revealed that they both actually get nervous backstage before she performs and that they have the same mannerisms!

Overall, the documentary showed Britney’s determination and the amount of hard work that she is willing to puit in for her career, her family, and for everyone else on her team — and that she’s grateful for every one of them. Now, we just need to go buy tickets to this show. ASAP.

Watch it here if you missed it!

What were your favorite parts of "I Am Britney Jean ONTD?
I loved when her kids were amazed at the show effects, talking to the dancers about their talents and in awe of Britney doing Everytime.