"G.B.F." Gets Shocking 'R' Rating For Being Too Gay

Director Darren Stein is defending his new teen comedy, "G.B.F.,"
after the Motion Picture Association of America slapped the film with an R
rating, citing "sexual references."

"What really appealed to me about that the screenplay was that it felt
like a mainstream teen comedy that could reach a wide audience," Stein, who
feels the film should've warranted a PG-13 rating at most.

The director, whose credits include 1999's teen-centric black comedy
"Jawbreaker," believes that "G.B.F." (which stands for
"gay best friend") is very appropriate for young audiences.

I always thought of G.B.F. as a PG-13 movie, but we were given an R
‘For Sexual References’ while not having a single F-bomb, hint of
nudity or violence in the film. Perhaps the ratings box should more accurately
read ‘For Homosexual References’ or ‘Too Many Scenes of Gay
Teens Kissing.’ I look forward to a world where queer teens can express
their humor and desire in a sweet, fun teen film that doesn’t get tagged
with a cautionary R,
” Darren wrote on his Facebook page.

G.B.F. is in theaters on January 17 and also stars Paul Iacono, Molly Tarlov,
Megan Mullally, Natasha Lyonne, Rebecca Gayheart, JoJo, Evanna Lynch, and many