Terry Richardson's ex Audrey Gelman defends Lena Dunham over photoshoot: "We both have regrets"

Lena Dunham recently came under fire after publicly expressing her disgust about the multiple accusations of rape leveraged against R. Kelly. The backlash, led by Michelle Malkin, arose because of Dunham's recent spread with the controversial photographer Terry Richardson, a man not immune to accusations of sex crimes, including inappropriate behavior with young models.

Dunham responded: "
Someone implied my statement about R Kelly was invalid because I’ve had my photograph taken by Terry Richardson. I responded asking that my feminism not be picked apart because of one PR experience. You don’t learn to say no overnight. Any man who takes advantage of any woman sickens me. That's all and that's always. No debate. The debate about good and bad feminism makes me want to take a nap for a year. Nothing pains me more than when something like the R. Kelly convo comes to light and women turn on each other. I never want to be didactic on twitter. I want to recognise how freaking complex it is to be female right now, aka VERY."

Dunham's longtime friend Audrey Gelman, a political advisor and recent ex of Richardson, has since sprung to Dunham's defence: "Lena tried to see the good I saw in someone and we both have regrets. The online discourse on these issues is vital and pushes us forward everyday. Biased perhaps, but i see Lena as a courageous champion of women, a critical voice who scrutinizes and challenges female representation in the media, and most of all, a wonderful and loyal friend. Thank you @amandahess @michelledean @irin@annaholmes and others writers I respect for considering these issues with both sensitivity and courage. as for michelle malkin: