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The Seven Most Heartwarming Ads of 2013

We expect companies to go for the hard sell over the holidays—but sometimes they can surprise us. From Apple to Skype, see the ads that gave us the warm and fuzzies.

Apple, ‘Misunderstood’

Get a hanky ready before you dive into the Cupertino giant’s story of a “misunderstood” teen. While he appears to be more engrossed in his phone than the family activities around him, the truth might just reduce you to sobs.

2. Google Nexus 7, ‘Best Friend’

Google brings us another teen who seems to care more about carrying on with his own life than his family. That all changes when his mom sends him a picture of their sick dog—and Google Nexus 7 comes to the rescue, helping the boy get home to his best friend.

3. John Lewis, ‘The Bear and the Hare’

This British department store ad animates the loving relationship between a bear and a hare—who gets depressed when his friend goes into hibernation for the winter, leaving him alone for the holidays. But the hare finds a solution with the perfect Christmas gift.

4. Budweiser, ‘Brotherhood’

Apparently, animals are the key to a lot of people’s hearts. In this sniffles-inducing Budweiser ad—originally for the Super Bowl, but it works just as well for the holidays—we see how a man’s best friend can be his Clydesdale.

5. Skype, ‘The Impossible Family Portrait’

We all know Skype brings people together in spite of physical distance. But the company went the extra mile to help a man living away from home take an “impossible” family portrait with his family back in Uganda.

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