Could Taylor Swift be working with Justin Timberlake on her next album?

While in Nashville recently, Justin Timberlake took time out to speak to The Tennessean about country music and where he wants to fit in. He feels so strongly about Music City that he said a personal and professional move to town isn’t a question of “if” but “when.”

“The next move for me is to sink some teeth in here,” said Timberlake, who said he grew up listening to country music with his grandfather. “I’ve done it before. I got a taste of it.” He co-wrote “The Only Promise That Remains,” which Reba McEntire included on her “Duets” album, and he sang background vocals on the recording of the song.

Timberlake points out that at 32 years old, he’s been “doing what I’m doing now for a long time. There might be another calling for me out there,” he said. “And it might be being a part of music in this way as a communicator and a teacher and a guide.”

Might Taylor Swift be a potential student? He questioned what the multi-platinum-selling singer’s career will be “when she crosses over the threshold of adulthood.”

“She’ll get her day in the sun when she’s ready to move the needle,” he said. “That was something I was very conscious of. I was in a group that was bigger than bubble gum. Talk about stadiums. We played every stadium in the world, it feels like. It’s almost like, with anything, when you do settle into adulthood is when when people respect you in a different way. But there’s no question in my mind that that’s where she’s going, if she so chooses. For me I am sort of the oracle of the idea, and I’m also the communicator of it.”

The Tennessean

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