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6 (3) Great Performances By Black Actors In 2013

In the past few months there has been some discussion about whether 2013 marked a “renaissance” in that hard-to-pin-down genre known as “black film”. It’s been established, of course, that while we did get movies like The Butler, Baggage Claim, Best Man Holiday and 12 Years a Slave, to lump all those films under ghettoizing terms, like, for instance, “race-themed,” was to ignore the diversity in the kinds of stories being told, and ultimately downplay the fact that we actually still have a very long way to go.

There are movies telling black stories, our stories, that I’ve loved this year, films that have easily found a spot on my "best of" lists, including Let the Fire Burn, La Pirogue, and Fruitvale Station. But for me, 2013 was an important year not in the volume of projects starring black people (as earlier revealed only 7% of the films released this year were “black films”), but in the number of great performances across both film and TV. Again, we’re not “there” yet, but still, something must be said for the dynamic characters and featured players that emerged in 2013.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of some of the performers who stood out.
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source (not a slideshow)

Which blacktors from this film/Tv season have been overlooked?! As always for me - Khandi Alexander in everything!!!
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