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Niall news

Niall's mother went without over the festive period so Niall and his brother could have all the gifts they'd hoped for.

The festive season is a special time when magical things happen to warm your heart.

And Niall Horan's mother has told a special tale of many a Christmas past which shows just how much love she has for her One Direction star son.

Niall's amazing mum says she went without to make sure the boyband star had enough Christmas presents as a child. (Aww...)

Maura Gallagher wanted to make sure the blonde haired warbler and his older brother Greg had "every present on their lists".

She told Star magazine: "I remember trying to convince him he could hear Santa's reindeer on the roof! When they're young Christmas is fantastic.

"It's always a big deal. Niall loves a family Christmas and all the food. We keep it very traditional, with turkey, ham and all the veg. I spend the day steeping the peas and mash and roast potatoes!"

Maura misses Niall, 20, when he's away from home in Ireland and touring the world but said they keep in regular contact via text messages.

She said: "As a mother, you miss being able to do things for him. When I moved to London, I loved doing his washing and cleaning around the house.

"But I felt so alone there. I was miserable and realised I had to get home."

She said the rest of the band - Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne - are the "loveliest lads", calling Harry the "charming one" and Zayn "quiet and mysterious".

Maura doesn't think they will go off the rails and says Niall is very grounded.

She added: "When he comes home to me, he's the same as always. To me, he'll always be my little Niall." (Why do the One Direction moms always have to be so perfect? :'()


One Direction fans can breathe a sigh of relief (and ONTD commenters can breathe a sigh of disappointment) as the blossoming romance between Niall Horan and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin has been shot down by a rep for the 1D hunk claiming they're "just friends".

Speculation the 20 year-old blonde star is romancing the brunette beauty went into overdrive this weekend when the couple were spotted holding hands as they left the X Factor wrap party on Sunday night, following 1D's performance on the show's final.

Claiming the images of the couple were innocent, a rep told E! News Niall was merely holding Barbara's hand as he helped her down the stairs and the couple are "just friends".

We're not exactly sure how Niall could be just friends with the beautiful model (I know right?), who he's been spending an awful lot of time with recently. The denial comes after the singer's mum also denied the claims.

Niall's mum told Star magazine in response to her son constantly being linked to someone: "Everyone that he poses for a photograph with or spends any longer than a few minutes with, he's said to be dating.

"That picture of him backstage at The X Factor [with Tamera Foster] is the latest one!," she added, clearly before Niall was spotted out with Palvin over the weekend.

She then continued: "You have to ignore the hype because you'd go out of your mind if you believed everything that was written."

Maura also spoke out about whether or not she thought that the 1D boys would be heading for a breakdown anytime soon, telling the mag: "I don't think they would look crooked [be interested] at those things.

"They have great people around them and I hope they're protected from that sort of thing."

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