Britney Spears' Album Flops After Only One Week As It Plummets Down The Charts To #87

Britney Jean only debuted at Number 34, but it's already dropped down to 87 in the Official Albums Chart

Britney Spears will be even more grateful for her Las Vegas residency this Christmas after her new album completely flopped in the UK.

The singer was massive in her heyday, but the British public seem to have totally lost interest after her album dropped to the level we expect from winners of The Voice .

OK, it wasn't quite that bad - but we thought it was just a slow start when her new record debuted at Number 34 a week ago.

Fast forward seven days, and it has absolutely plummeted to a shocking level.

The star's single Work B*tch was her first Top 10 hit since Hold It Against Me peaked one place higher at Number six two years ago, but that success hasn't been able to translate.

In contrast, superstar Beyonce's shock new release as gone straight in at Number five.

Meanwhile, crooner Michael Buble has seen a surge in sales in the build up to Christmas.

After 35 weeks in the chart, his album To Be Loved has climbed from 19 to six, while his festive record Christmas has moved from 10 to seven.


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