Selena Gomez: Demi Lovato "Is Like My Sister"

Selena Gomez may have made headlines recently for supporting Demi Lovato during her time in rehab...but both stars have been there for each other over the years.
During a recent radio interview for Boston's Jingle Ball, Selena talked about Demi, explaining, "I think what people forget is that she's actually been there for me, too. I've known her since...we were best friends since we were 7."
She continued, "We had a time where we did grow apart, but there's not a single person on this planet that knows me like she does."
Selena and Demi have history, as Sel explained, "She goes into my darkest place, and she goes into my lightest most incredible memories. There's nothing like her and there's nothing like us, so I will always cherish her...she's like my sister. I'm very, very proud of her."
Selena reportedly went along with Demi recently when she spoke to a group at a rehab facility.
She also posted a pic of herself and Demi cuddled up in a BFF hug, following Demi's recent Access Hollywood tell-all interview about her cocaine and alcohol addictions.
There has been plenty of focus on Selena's support of Demi, but it's nice to hear that they've really been there for each other--and that they're like sisters.
Last week, Demi and Selena were reportedly spotted having dinner together at The Cheesecake Factory.
See, celebs are just like the rest of us!
Do you have a childhood friend that feels like a sibling, ONTD?