Kanye does NOT want to make Kim Kardashian the "next Beyonce"!

Even though Kanye West believes he and Kim Kardashian will be more a more powerful couple than Beyonce and Jay Z, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the new mother doesn’t have pop star aspirations, despite numerous reports.
Last week reports surfaced of an interview West did with WGCI radio in Chicago where he was quoted as saying, “I am going to make Kim Kardashian a bigger performer than Beyonce. Me and Kim will soon be the first couple of Hip Hop” — but that interview never happened and the pompous rapper never said that quote.

In a new interview with Saturday Night Online, West denies that Kim would ever want to delve into his industry of music, and Radar has the exclusive video clip.“With ‘Bound 2′ you got to work with Kim. She turns to you and says, ‘I wanna work on music.’ Would you help produce that project?” the host Garrett asks West.“I don’t think she has any desire to do it,” West concedes.

VIDEO AT THE SOURCE (won't embed) http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/12/kim-kardashian-the-next-beyonce-kanye-west-shoots-down-fiancees-pop-star-dreams/