Beyonce Rules The World: By The Numbers

We've already told you that Beyoncé destroyed the game when her surprise Beyoncé album materialized early Friday morning. She notched her best first week ever, the biggest debut in iTunes history and landed the highest first week figure by a woman in 2013.
Beyoncé Has Best First Week Ever

Oh, and instead of doing it in a full week, she did it all in just three days. She also nearly blew up Twitter, gave daughter Blue Ivy yet another major label credit and unleashed another badass alter ego, the sexpot 'Yonce. Here's how she ruled the world, by the numbers:


All data as of 12/16/13

Number of major album credits for Blue Ivy – 2
Number of years Blue Ivy has been on earth – 1.9
Itunes position Beyonce held less than 8hours after release – 1 & 2 (Explicit and clean versions)
Days since Beyonce’s last album 903
Amount of tweets about Beyonce in first few hours after announce – 500,000+
Critics/fans who saw this coming – 0
Number of prominent feminists Nigerian poets sampled on other 2013 albums on songs – 0
What Beyonce is (reportedly) worth - $300 million (Despite claiming in "Haunted" that “she probably won’t make no money off this”)
Songs on the album that are about getting it in – 6 (Heaven, Blue, Superpower,flawless, mine, pretty hurts)
Number of copies sold in first three hours* – 80,000
Number of alter egos – 2 (Third Ward Trill, ‘Yonce)
Fellow divas who lost their damn minds after album - At least 9
Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Solange Knowles, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, Cher, Alicia Keys, Michelle Williams, Zendaya
I wanna see the "fan" versions of partition, blow etc: