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Lost Girl 406 Q&A: Showrunner Emily Andras on “Of All the Gin Joints”

This week's post-mortem covers 'Casablanca' references, the future of Hale and Kenzi, "Dark Belch" and a possible 'Hannibal' crossover.

Emily Gagne, December 15, 2013 11:00:53 PM

This is the beginning of a beautiful … edition of Lost Girl Talk!

Sorry, with all the Casablanca references running wild within this week’s episode, I just had to do it too. But onwards and upwards to the good stuff! Hale and Kenzi are on! And so are Lauren and The Morrigan (but only in The Morrigan’s mind!)? And what about that Dyson/Bo sex scene that ended in him wolfing out in front of the Una Mens?

Once again, there’s oodles to talk about, so let’s the main event — our “Of All the Gin Joints” post-mortem with Lost Girl showrunner Emily Andras — take centre stage, just as Ianka (RIP!) did. Honestly, there were so many Casablanca references in this episode. Who’s the big fan in the writers’ room? Or is it a collective thing?
Emily Andras: Oh, we’re just totally into Casablanca. We’re just Casablanca-philes! [Laughs]

No, we’re not. But we did think it was fun because it is a bottle episode that we knew was going to take place in the Dal. We just thought it was fun to capture that wartime feeling you get with Casablanca. Because even under the Una Mens, there’s this feeling of occupation a little bit, which Bo actually referenced in an earlier episode. Just the sense of people being a little more careful, a little more guarded.

And you know, Ianka’s fight for freedom sort of came back to Casablanca. It’s also a little bit of the consummation of the romance between Kenzi and Hale. You know, what’s going to happen with that and ‘Is she going to lose him?’

We’re we’re not so much Casablanca-philes as Wedding Crashers admirers. [Laughs] But we like some Casablanca. It’s classic.


TVG: Now that you’ve mentioned it, let’s talk about Kenzi and Hale. Yay for them getting together! But not so much yay for him bleeding from the ear. Is he going to have to pull a Van Gogh or something next episode?
EA: [Laughs] Oh god! We’re just going to cut off everyone’s extremities. We’re just going to have an interactive site where you vote for which body part we want people to lose.

Hale’s just such a heroic guy that he basically fibbed to his lady love and said he was OK when he clearly was not. And certainly that won’t come into play later in the season….  (OP: OMG. I think this means we might actually see Hale at least one more time this season.)

But, Hale’s a survivor, he’s a fighter and he’d do anything for Kenzi. And so he did.

TVG: On a sillier note, how long have you had Dark Belch, the personal brew of The Morrigan brewing?
EA: Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! And it also makes a return appearance. It’s basically the dark beer mascot — sponsor, if you will — of Lost Girl! We have Dark Belch beer cans all over the office.

But we just thought it was hilarious that The Morrigan has all these side businesses. She’s just so savvy! And when [writer Alex Zarowny] came up with that title, we thought it was just so funny we used it again. I mean, 25 per cent beer — that would be pretty delicious!

TVG: How long have you been plotting a Morrigan/Lauren kiss? And what can you say about what Lauren has planned with her pietri dish lips?
EA: We weren’t actually plotting a Lauren/Morrigan kiss, but when we saw the chemistry between Zoie and Emmanuelle, it just seemed like the natural ‘checkmate’ to their game of psychological chess. I can’t really say what Lauren’s planning to do with her Morrigan sample. But she seems pretty damn satisifed to have a plan, no?

TVG: A technicality question: How come Rainer’s mark hasn’t manifested on Bo before. Is it simply a ‘He’s upset and so it’s manifesting’ thing, or how does that work?
EA: I think it was tied to her memory. When she started to have these memories, there was a sense that it came from inside of Bo. She almost was the trigger. But also certainly there’s a sense that their destinies are intertwined, and she gets closer to the destiny that she seeks, I think he’s starting to make his mark on her life, both figuratively and literally.

TVG: Is there going to be an ongoing flow of memories going forth? Because we really got more than ever before in this episode.
EA: We did! And some interesting things!

Certainly the fact that Bo sent Ianka to herself to seek freedom for these memories. I mean, Bo has always assumed that she was a victim of what happened. And we’re not saying that didn’t happen. But it’s interesting when your former self has orchestrated things to affect your future. That’s going to complicate things for Bo, and was a shock to her this episode.

I would say that Bo is now more determined than ever to find The Wanderer and find out what all went down. And memory continues to be a theme throughout the season. For everybody…

TVG: I was going to touch on that, actually! Next week’s episode is a memory-based episode for Dyson, right?
EA: It is! And it’s actually a really fun episode for Dyson fans and other character fans alike. It’s a really excellent episode where we really get to see the cast spread their wings, so to speak.

TVG: And not just in the Tamsin sense.
EA: Yeah, they all turn into chickens! [Laughs] No, they just get to play against type in a few cases and have some fun.

TVG: Can you talk about cast Lara Jean Chorostecki as Ianka? Cause she’s been doing a lot of big stuff over at Hannibal as Freddie Lounds.
EA: Oh, yes! She’s awesome.

She just blew us away in the audition. We had a couple of really good choices for that role, but she nailed the accent and that combination of strength and vulnerability, and yet you believed her as someone who’s used to being a bit of a diva. She was a real get for us and she was absolutely lovely. I was sad to see Ianka go to be honest. I thought the character was really interesting.

TVG: What do you think a Lost Girl/Hannibal crossover would look like? Because you technically do shoot in the same city!
EA: My god! What would happen if Bo glowed Hannibal? What kind of answers would she get? Or what about a battle of wits between Lauren and Hannibal? Oh, who am I kidding? He’d eat her liver so fast! [Laughs]

I think it would be amazing, though. Call me, Hannibal!

TVG: Going back to Dyson, will we see the immediate effects of his wolf-out battle with the Una Mens?
EA: We’re not necessarily going to see the immediate effects so much as Dyson is clearly in a WHOLE LOT of trouble. They are obviously a force to be reckoned with. So yeah, we gots to help some Dyson next week!

TVG: Anything else you want to tease going into the next episode?
EA: I would honestly say whoever your favourite character is on the show, you’re going to squeal with delight when you see them in action next week. It’s a really good showcase for the cast. I’m really excited about it. And it’s super fun!

TVG: What about your Faevourite moments of producing “Of All the Gin Joints”?
EA: I thought the sex scene was really hot! And I’m not a secret Kenzi/Hale shipper, so I was really happy with their little scene on the bench. I think they did that in one take and it was adorable.

And I really liked the confliction in the scene where Bo hears Ianka say, yes she gets to die, but she gets to die free, if only for a minute. I just thought that was just a really nice performance by Anna as she sort of realized she has to fight to get back to being free.

Oh, and I really liked the opening with the two girls [Kenzi and Bo]. To just show how close the two girls are, they’re having completely separate conversations, but then Bo says, ‘God, it’s just so good to talk to you.’ They’re not really listening to each other. I think that just speaks to how close they are and how funny it is.

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Thoughts? Questions about “Of All the Gin Joints”? Leave ‘em below and be sure to check in this time next week for our postmortem on “La Fae Époque.”

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I decided to sleep (hooray, sleep!) instead of doing this, so apologies for the delay.  Feel free to discuss, my lovelies.
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