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Harry Styles wins court order against paparazzi

Court orders photographers to stop pursuing singer, placing him under surveillance or loitering within 50 metres of his home

One Direction's Harry Styles has won a court order banning the paparazzi from pursuing him in the street or waiting outside his house.

The 19-year-old asked the high court to prevent photographers from following him after trying to persuade them to change their behaviour, according to his lawyer.

An order handed down by Mrs Justice Nicola Davies orders unnamed photographers to stop pursuing the singer by car or motorcycle, placing him under surveillance or loitering within 50 metres of his place of residence to monitor his movements.

Styles was not in court for the short hearing on Monday. His lawyer David Sherborne told the court: "This is not a privacy injunction. Mr Styles is not trying to prevent fans approaching him in the street and taking photos. He remains happy to do that, as he always has. Rather, it is the method or tactics which have been used by a certain type of photographer."

Sherborne said the case concerned a series of paparazzi photographers, four of whom were in the process of being identified.

The injunction against "Paparazzi AAA and others" is thought to be among the first of its kind, although the legal tactic was used in two high-profile cases in recent years.

The singer Cheryl Cole won a similar high court order last year after complaining about the "intense and very annoying" experience of photographers camping outside her home.

In 2011 Tinglan Hong obtained an injunction against the paparazzi to deal with the sudden interest in her private life after she gave birth to Hugh Grant's daughter.

Styles's injunction will continue until another hearing in the week beginning 13 January, which will decide how the action should proceed.

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