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Bey Caught Us Slippin '13: The inside story of the sneak attack

Inside sources have revealed a bit about the behind-the-scenes process that transformed what began as Beyonce’s vision into the year’s most successful album launch. Three teams worked diligently on the project: Team Columbia, the artist’s Team Parkwood and Team iTunes.

And what started with just four people in a room (with a plan for what we’re calling the Sneak Attack) ended with the three teams in total coordination, with as many as 15 participants in the inner circle for the final 72 hours. Plans were hatched and revised, and the digital release date changed repeatedly before it was finally agreed upon and the substantial body of work was completed and delivered.

Columbia’s team started early on with their sales team, expanding to production coordinators and marketing. On the Parkwood side, Lee Anne Callahan and Jim Sabey were the tip of the spear. iTunes' Robert Kondrk, Jay Liepis and Janet Rubin also played pivotal roles. Each team moved forward and then spent much of the process in hurry-up-and-wait mode, standing by for the content—which ultimately included 14 songs and 17 videos—knowing they had to be ready to turn on a dime for the launch to proceed smoothly to its privately preconceived conclusion. And smoothly is how it came off, with no press leaks and the element of surprise helping to create the magic and power the ensuing retail frenzy. For more on this amazing development, check our lead story. (12/16a)

lead story below the cutCollapse )

Also, 'XO' has been sent to top 40 radio (not 'Blow' as originally reported), and the videos for XO and Drunk in Love will hit VEVO tomorrow. :)

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