Lady Gaga Reaches Out to Depressed Irish Fan, Vevo Teases Fans Over Do What You Want's Video Release


Pop star Lady Gaga reached out to an Irish fan, who told of her suicidal feelings, saying: "We all love you."The Pokerface singer sent the touching messages to a troubled fan from Co. Offaly after coming across a post suggesting the girl was depressed and contemplating suicide. Speaking to the girl through her web community, the songwriter wrote, ''We all love you, nothing is worth taking your life.'' ''Just remember how sad I would be, how sad we would all be. We are connected through the music and that is powerful. Listen to music and get creative with your life,'' she added. The Grammy-award winner sent the fan positive messages about her potential for the future. ''You can be and become anything. You have more power than u think,'' she wrote.

The fan later expressed her appreciation for the star intervening through the website. ''I love you so much Gaga, you're everything to me and what you done for me yesterday was amazing,'' the girl said in an emotional message. ''You saved me, and my family and friends can thank you for that. ''With your support I am strong and knowing you took time out of your busy life just made me so honoured to be here,'' she added. The fan confirmed that she had experienced suicidal thoughts before the pop singer made contact with her. ''I (was) suicidal and you saved me, you don't understand how you have changed my life completely,'' she said. Lady Gaga regularly sends out anti-bullying messages, having experienced bullying when she was younger. After a 14-year-old fan in the US, Jamey Rodemeyer, took his own life in 2011, Gaga dedicated her song 'Hair' to his memory.

- I thought this story was interesting. Gaga has previously mentioned getting into contact with the parents herself when she feels worried about a child's safety and I guess now it's easier to for her to reach out through her social media site, I'd be so scared in her position because you never know how real it is or if a child is in need of a little attention.
- The DWUW music video must be coming out within a few days to coincide with her performance on the Voice finale.

sources: independent & twitter