Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a Book About Rehab, Obviously

Lindsay Lohan, your favorite movie star who no longer does movies (after Christian Slater, obviously), is now doing books. Apparently, several publishers are really interested in a book project Lindz started working on in rehab — a YA series about a young paleontologist who finds a portal in the Natural History Museum that takes her back to a land before time, where she befriends several lost juvenile dinosaurs and shows them how to make fire, thus altering the historical timeline so that a race of intelligent lizard people rises up in place of humanity. Just kidding! The book is about rehab, being famous, and having Michael Lohan for a father.
Though the Book of Lohan is still in the conceptual stages — it started as a series of therapeutic journal exercises — it has reportedly drawn some interest from publishers, as well as completely speculative rumblings of six-figure advances. Lindzzzz met with a fancy New York literary agency on Thursday, and, as of right now, there's no hard evidence to suggest that Lindsay's book isn't actually a delightful YA romp through the bygone age of the dinosaurs.


I'll believe it when I see it!