Bands shun Sea World: REO Speedwagon is the latest band to pull out of SeaWorld concert series

CNN: Add REO Speedwagon to the list of musical acts canceling SeaWorld shows because of the documentary "Blackfish."

"Due to concerns regarding our February 16 appearance at SeaWorld, we have chosen to cancel the performance," the rock band said on its Facebook page on Friday.

A promoter could put together a great concert series with the acts who have canceled SeaWorld shows in the past several weeks, including Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Heart and Barenaked Ladies.

The acts bailed on the Orlando theme park's "Bands, BBQ and Brew" concert series amid pressure from fans who started online petitions, tweeted and posted on Facebook pages demanding they not play SeaWorld.
The fans became upset after watching the CNN documentary "Blackfish," which first aired on CNN in October. The film tells the story of the killing in 2010 of a SeaWorld trainer by an orca. It raises questions about the safety and humaneness of keeping killer whales in captivity.

"In light of recent concerns, Trisha has decided to remove the February 22 date from her upcoming tour plans," Yearwood's representative told CNN on Thursday.

SeaWorld confirmed the REO Speedwagon withdrawal on Friday and referred CNN to its previous statements about the cancellations.

"We expect that other artists will be targeted in this campaign," SeaWorld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck told CNN in consecutive statements Wednesday and Thursday, starting with Cheap Trick's cancellation.

The park's six-week concert schedule -- which also previously listed Martina McBride, 38 Special, Justin Moore and Scotty McCreery -- has disappeared from SeaWorld's website. It now simply promises "incredible concerts with top artists in classic rock and country music."

SeaWorld is working to book replacement acts, Gollattscheck said. "We'll announce the full lineup of bands when all artists have been confirmed. We'll repost the schedule on our site then."

The Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies was the first to cancel, reacting to a petition posted on

"This is a complicated issue, and we don't claim to understand all of it, but we don't feel comfortable proceeding with the gig at this time," the band said on its Facebook page.

"I don't agree with the way they treat their animals," Willie Nelson said on December 6 when he canceled. "It wasn't that hard a deal for me."

Sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart did not elaborate last week when they announced their decision to cancel at SeaWorld, although they acknowledged it was "due to the controversial documentary film."

"We're disappointed a small group of misinformed individuals was able to deny fans what would have been great concerts at SeaWorld," Gollattscheck said.

SeaWorld said it would like the musical artists to learn for themselves about SeaWorld.

"The bands and artists have a standing invitation to visit any of our parks to see firsthand or to speak to any of our animal experts to learn for themselves how we care for animals and how little truth there is to the allegations made by animal extremist groups opposed to the zoological display of marine mammals," Gollattscheck said.

SeaWorld says the documentary ignores the park's conservation efforts and research.
source: CNN

So basically SeaWorld: "No, we won't participate with the documentary. No, we won't do an interview with the film's producers. No, we won't engage in an online discussion or debate with the film's producers. No, we won't participate in any of the CNN Live Discussions about the film .... THIS IS ALL SO ONE-SIDED!"