Barkhad Abdi from Captain Phillips: Reaction to his SAG Nomination

His reaction
"We just started screaming. We had to calm down so we wouldn't wake the neighbors.

I was up all night waiting for this, and it's just amazing. It's surreal, honestly. I did not expect to be nominated.

Everyone was talking about it, so I was like, 'It might be a possibility,' so that was the only thing. It was just shocking to me when I got nominated.

I am really honored to be part of those five that were nominated. That was not part of my plan. It wasn't something I prepared for, so I'm really happy right now, honestly."

"I'm just beyond excited. It's really an honor. It was a big role for me. It was challenging, but I took it day by day. Tom [Hanks] helped me and so did" director Paul Greengrass.

What do you think this nomination will mean to Somalia?
"A negative light has been shed on Somalia for a long time, and this [nomination] will be a positive light. Hopefully peace will come to Somalia one day .... As a Somali it was a good thing to do. I love acting but this was a true story."

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