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Louis Walsh Tells Cheryl Cole: "I Want You BACK!!"

Louis Walsh has told Cheryl Cole: I want you back on the X Factor panel next year.

The Mayo man admitted that he is considering returning to the TV3 show despite initially planning to quit.

And Louis, 60, insists that the ex-Girls Aloud star should be sitting beside him and Simon Cowell.

He added: “I think her and Simon are very, very funny together. They’re England’s Sonny and Cher. (stop.)

“He has fun with her. He works with people he feels a bond with, that he feels comfortable around.

“He’s always comfortable with Cheryl. They always bicker but people love it. I think it would be a very good career move for her [coming back].

“I think she’s probably grown up an awful lot too since we last saw her. She looks well. You never ever see her looking bad, she always looks incredible.

However, Louis admitted he doesn’t “regret anything” he’s said about Cheryl over the years during their fiery feuds.

And the TV star admits that he expects Girls Aloud to end up reforming soon – despite only recently pulling the plug after a decade together.

He admitted: “I’d say it’s possible. They made brilliant pop records. (did he lie?) The thing is, no band gets on well if they’re being honest, they need to get on stage together and smile.

“Girl bands generally don’t get on, and that’s fine, but they make great pop records.” (oh louis....)

And Louis insisted he has also made up with Cheryl’s ex bandmate Kimberly Walsh, who she attacked in her recent biography for never being there for the band.

He added: “It’s a joke with us. I like her, she’s probably one of the nicest girls in the business, she’s probably too nice.

“I just said to her I hoped her book sells more than her solo album. Everyone’s forgotten she made a solo album – even her.” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Glad LouLou came to his senses

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